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Mixed Bag of 110 Regular Length (RL) Natural Tapered Corks (RL04, RL05, RL06, RL08, RL10)

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RL (Regular Length) tapered cork stoppers come in a variety of different lengths, diameters, and qualities and are produced from natural or agglomerate (pieces of cork) cork. Preserve your favorite bottles of wine and liquor or seal-off glass and ceramic jars with Jelinek Tapered Corks. Available in an ultra-convenient bag of 110 tapered corks of 5 different sizes i.e. RL04 (25 pieces), RL05 (25 pieces), RL06 (25 pieces), RL08 (25 pieces), and RL10 (10 pieces)

The naturally sourced and sustainable design of the tapered cork is the environmentally-friendly and reliable way to seal your containers. Used in many industries for unlimited purposes including construction, crafting, science, and laboratory. Also known as end plugs, masking plugs, hole fillers.

RL04 -Top diameter: 5/8" (15.9mm) Length: 13/16" (20.6mm) Bottom diameter: 15/32" (11.9mm)

RL05 -Top diameter: 11/16" (17.5mm). Length: 7/8" (22.2mm). Bottom diameter: 17/32" (13.5mm)

RL06 -Top diameter: 3/4 inch (19.0mm). Length: 15/16 inch (23.8mm). Bottom diameter: 37/64 (14.7mm)

RL08 -Top diameter: 7/8 inch (22.2mm) Length: 1-1/16 inch (27.0mm). Bottom diameter: 43/64 inch (17.1mm)

RL10 -Top diameter: 1 inch (25.4mm). Length: 1-1/4 inch (31.8mm). Bottom diameter: 49/64 inch (19.4mm)

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