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16.5mm Fusioncork (Agglomerated Cork) Bartop with Ribbed Black Plastic Cap

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This FusionCork (agglomerated cork) stopper is ideal for those looking to use real cork but at a lower cost than a solid natural cork. These stoppers work well with high proof spirits.


● Cap (top) Materials: Plastic Cap
● Cap Diameter: 25mm
● Cap Height: 8mm
● Cap Sides: Ribbed
● Rounded Edge on base of stem
● Stem (shank) Material: Fusioncork (agglomerate cork)
● Stem Diameter: 16.5mm

T-Top agglomerated cork closure with a ribbed plastic cap. The cap is 25mm in diameter and 8mm in height. The side of the cap is ribbed with a straight top and straight bottom edge. The closure is assembled using a Fusioncork (agglomerated cork) stem, with a 16.5mm diameter. This stopper is ideal for any bottle with an 15.5mm opening bore. The ends of the stem are rounded.

Available in quantities of 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 pieces

16.5mm Fusioncork (Agglomerated Cork) Bartop with Ribbed Black Plastic Top

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