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Shrink Capsules and Bands

Heat shrinkable plastic capsules, bands, and sleeves. Available in both PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and polylaminate material. Our stock PVC shrink caps are unbranded (no grape design or any other markings) and often include a tear strip to allow easy removable of the tamper evident shrink capsule. Jelinek Cork offers unlimited and easy customization options if you plan to purchase at least 25,000 capsules at a time. If you are interested in customization, please contact us and we can provide details of the process.

Shrink Capsules: pre-shaped PVC capsule that drops over a bottle neck and will shrink to the shape of the bottle under heat. This creates a tamper evident seal. A PVC shrink capsule is an easy yet cost effective shrink option. They are most common tamper evident solution for distilled spirits. They are also used by most home wine makers and small wineries that have not invested in a foil spinner to apply polylaminate capsules.

Shrink Sleeve: a PVC sleeve that is not shaped (lays flat). It needs to be manually opened and placed over the bottle neck. While these sleeves are low priced, the labor component (time it takes to open the sleeve and place on bottle) often makes the actual cost higher than a shrink capsule.

Shrink Band: A nickname used most commonly for shrink sleeves but also occasionally for shrink capsules.

Polylaminate Capsule (also called Foil): These capsules have a metallic feel (similar to aluminum foil) and provide the most finished look. However they require the use of a foil spinner machine to apply to your bottle, they are higher cost than PVC, and are offered as a custom item with a 25,000 piece minimum order.