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Cork Board Letters

Stay organized without sacrificing style in your school, home, or office. These 13 inch high letter memo boards features an extra thick natural fiberboard backing (approx 1/2 inch thick) with a decorative natural cork surface for both design and function!

Each letter is 13 inches high and between 7 inches and 10 inches in diameter. Each letter has a different width profile, however the height is consistent so that you can put together words.

These letter cork boards do not come with mounting hardware. We recommend using contact adhesive (contact cement) for adhering to your wall or 3M Command Strips which are removable. Either of these products can be purchased at a local hardware store. When you receive the letters, they may have a slight bowing as they are a natural product. Once adhered, any bowing should flatten.

The fiberboard backing is composed of all-natural earth-friendly wood chips, sourced near the production facility in Eastern USA. Cork comes from Portugal, the primary region for cork. The final board is manufactured in Savannah, GA at Jelinek Cork Group.

We'd love to see pictures or hear your ideas on how you use these special cork board letters!