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Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels and Tiles

Soundproofing acoustical panels made from all natural cork! Available in shapes and sizes designed for optimal sound reduction.

The panels are 100% natural. There is no adhesive binder used in the production of the panels. Granulated cork is baked in molds which causes natural resins in cork to bind to each other. This process causes the color to turn a dark brown (almost black). The cork is further machined in three dimensional (3-D) shapes with acoustics in mind.

In addition to enhancing acoustics, these panels contribute to improved thermal (heat/cold) insulation and anti-vibration.

These panels insulate but do not lock in moisture. Unlike most synthetic (plastic and rubber) acoustic panels that can trap moisture between the wall and the panel and cause unexposed mildew or mold, these panels are breathable allowing moisture to naturally evaporate.

All panels can be painted to match your desired decor.